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Hello. I'm a pianist, composer and sound engineer based in Rome. I remember the first time I got close to the world of music, listening my father's vinyls with his turntable. During my childhood I was very shy but I always had the dream to be a musician and play my music on stages. When I was thirteen I started producing music with my computer, passing through many genres like progressive house music. I was fascinated by how you can manipulate the sound with equalizers, compressors and new digital technologies. The first time I touched my little midi keyboard I tried to compose a little track without knowing anything about the instrument. In that moment I saw the piano as the only way to express myself and I started my music studies. I built my own studio and I recorded my debut album called Another Past with an old piano, released by 1631 Recordings.

I think that a musician is also a creative, so I like to create different multimedia contents to promote my music. In this way I created the First Person Perspective project with the objective to take the mind, eyes, ears and heart of the listener in front of the piano as the musician when is playing. My purpose is to put everyone of you in a different world, the dream I see and feel with my eyes and heart when I play.

I hope you'll enjoy my music.