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In a world of sound

I'm Roberto, an Italian sound designer, musician and developer based in Rome. My passion for music started at the age of 13. I remember clearly when I started using FL Studio with a little midi keyboard without know anything about music. In fact, I didn't study any instrument but I studied everything about digital music, signal processing and every type of information was useful for me to create some noise. Going through beats, effects and fills I became a dance producer and dj, playing my tracks in pubs. At the same time, I understood that piano was MY instrument, not only a simple midi keyboard used to write some notes on a piano roll.
At the age of 19, I started to attend a course of Sound Design in IED Rome. The best choice of my life. A place where I understood what means design, a place where all my studies became a possibility to work with my passion. My music changed with me, becoming experimental, ambient, interactive music. In this period I studied Max/MSP and was immediately love.
In this university I collaborated also with other guys with other passions and abilities like media designers, illustrators, photographers and I created many projects with multiple arts at the same time, like create audioreactive visuals or interactive sculptures. At the end of this fantastic course, I'm also an Avid Certified User graduated Absonant Rome.
I always loved original soundtracks of films, in particular when there is the piano like principal instrument. I started to study this fantastic instrument and midi orchestration. Now, I create production principally of piano solo, but also modern classical music with little electronic improvements, violin section and strong emotional acoustic drums.
I am a teacher of Electronic Music and Sound Design in my hometown. I created many educational tools for my students and now I'm a Developer of standalone applications and max for live tools for research and education. I collaborate with NUtone Lab for the creation of music and sound design for television, spots and new media. Like a freelance, I collaborate with many artists for sound and visual live performances, I create algorithmic composition softwares for galleries.
What about my Music? After many years, I found in the piano the instrument that I can't live without it, I found in it my language and I use all my studies and capabilities to create my unique piano sound and simple but important effects to colour my timbre. I create compositions for cinema and visuals and I try to put myself in my music.

"My Music Is Me"




Sound Design
Metamorphosis // Design and Layout by Emanuele Macri
TuttoAndroid // Design and Layout by Emanuele Macri
Lycra // Design and Layout by Emanuele Macri
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